Have you gone social yet?

Written by Adam


Many businesses have embraced the world of social networking and you’ll find even the big boys on Facebook and Twitter, which they use to enhance their customer experience.

If you haven’t taken the plunge yet, be aware that this 21st century approach to marketing is not going to go away anytime soon! Even if you don’t plan to use social media just yet it’s wise to sign up at the very least to ensure you get the name you want. Even some of the rich and famous have come late to the party: @achrisevans and @thejeremyvine obviously missed out on their names and had to add a prefix.

If you want your business or personal name, the sooner you go and sign up the better. Put your username and password somewhere safe for when you want to start using online marketing to improve your visibility, raise awareness and demonstrate your expertise.

If you find you’ve already missed the boat, don’t despair – if the account name you want is inactive sometimes you can request that it be transferred. This is how we got @ViaWire!

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