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Your IT should be invisible – it’s a tool that enables your business to run smoothly – until something goes wrong. When it doesn’t do the job properly you staff start spending their time doing battle with systems that are not doing the job – either because they’re not up to it or something has gone wrong. That costs money.
You need:


High performance internet connection – with guaranteed speed and reliability


Flexible telecoms – to keep everyone connected in the office and out of it


The right systems – to manage your data and streamline your processes


Prompt action – when there’s a glitch and you need to get back up and running fast

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High Speed Internet

Reliable, fast internet connections with networks that deliver. Give your business a stress-free boost.

IT Systems for Events

When you’re running an offsite event ensure your communications stand up – whether inside or in a field!

Flexible Telecoms

Sophisticated telephone systems that integrate office staff, remote workers and people on the road.

Help when you need it

When your technology misbehaves our team of engineers are there to get things up and running again.

What you get

Comprehensive Support

You’ll receive a solutions driven service, there are no sales people, you’ll talk to an experienced engineer, who will assess your needs and recommend the appropriate set-up based on your needs, now and in the future.


You get a clear understanding of what technology your business needs for it to be successful. Explained in simple terms, without, “techy speak”.


A simple way to report challenges, receive support. Allowing you to get on with your work with minimal disruption.

Silverstone Auctions run auctions with bidders around the globe taking part, so a drop in communication can have a huge effect on the price achieved for the vendors (and the fee collected by Silverstone Auctions). Via Wire have provided a robust, reliable internet connection, through various methods, wherever we’ve run our auctions from the International Wing building at Silverstone Circuit to the middle of a field at Blenheim Palace.

Our phone system, also provided by Via Wire, is an internet based system, which enables us to have the flexibility of having our usual phone numbers at whichever location we’re working from. Our buyers and vendors can reach us without any disruption or special instruction – even when we’re running auctions overseas. With the ability to integrate our client database, we’re reducing admin time and becoming more productive with each leap in technology Via Wire brings us.

All in all, Via Wire’s innovative solutions significantly contribute to the smooth running of our business.

Ian Curry

IT Manager, Silverstone Auctions

At Morgan Cass we have multiple Mechanical and Electrical projects running concurrently and each site requires a full IT setup, with access to the centralised data maintained at our head office. Reliable internet access is paramount, not only at our main office, but at each of the building sites we’re working at. Traditional internet isn’t always available in the middle of a building site. Even if it is, by the time BT have managed to survey the site, we’ve completed the project. Via Wire can deploy a fast internet connection the next day if we need it.

With the VoIP phone system, alongside our integrated network, our remote workers are all able to function ‘virtually’ as if they were in the office, saving Morgan Cass time and money in staff productivity. This wouldn’t be possible without the technology advances Via Wire brings to our business.

Paul Heath

Managing Director, Morgan Cass Ltd

We chose Via Wire to completely manage our IT and communication systems during the relocation of Rosetti to new premises.

Adam and his team delivered a comprehensive solution, which resulted in a seamless transfer of our server and hardware together with the installation of an upgraded phone system.

Adam was quick to understand our business and the concerns associated with the huge undertaking of relocation which left us to concentrate on all the other aspects of the move and to run our business.

We were delighted that Via Wire took complete ownership of the project, making sure we were kept informed at each stage and often solving problems before we were aware of them! I’d have no hesitation in trusting Via Wire with our IT and communications, they will certainly be looking after our systems from now on.

Martin Hartwell

Director, Rosetti Ltd

Adam and his team speak English (not technical gobbledegook) and have kept my computers running both hands-on and remotely for the past couple of years.

Via Wire have also revamped my website, helped my business with added features and are completely solution-focused.

Definitely recommended for all things IT.

Lesley Morrissey

Director, Inside News

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