How to get Support

Let’s make it simple!

When your IT systems are misbehaving here are the steps to getting back on track:

First, check our status page to ensure there isn’t a larger issue that we already know about.

Then, in preference order, choose ONE of these options:

  1. If your internet is working – or you can use your mobile phone to get online – log into and give us as much information as you can about the problem.*
  2. WhatsApp* your problem to our support line: +44 7537 149141.
  3. DM on Twitter.
  4. Like our Facebook page at and then you can use Messenger to raise a ticket at
  5. Send a text message (SMS*) to our support line: +44 7537 149141. (SMS messages won’t contain our reply as it’s not secure but you will get an SMS notification of an update).
  6. If you can’t get online, phone us on our new unified support number: +44 7537 149141.
  7. Email your message to (This method is going to be decommissioned soon)

Once your issue has been logged, all replies and conversations about the issue will all appear on the same thread under the issue. This will make it easy to track progress, particularly if more than one person in your organisation is experiencing the same issues.

* Any ticket not created through the portal will be created with a priority of, “Low”, to raise a ticket with any other priority it must be done through the portal.
** If you send more than one message using WhatsApp or SMS in a 48 hour period, they will automatically be applied to the previous support ticket.