Why do we use contact forms?

Written by Adam


Why do we use contact forms on websites instead of just putting an email address on the Contact us page? It’s not simply to demonstrate how clever we developers are!

The primary reason is so you don’t get loads of spam with people phishing. If that sounds like gobbledegook to you, the layman’s version is that it’s reasonably easy for people who want to get a big email list to pick up emails off a website with a bit of clever software (phishing). This results in you getting loads of unwanted emails (spam) about Viagra and fake Rolexes!

Using a form cuts this down as it’s harder for software to break the code and get at the email address. To further protect you we use a Captcha verification code that requires the human being to retype the letters shown to prove they’re a real person and not a ‘bot’ scouring the internet for email addresses.


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