Why is my broadband connection so slow?

Written by Adam


If your internet connection seems to have slowed down to a crawl, don’t immediately blame your Internet Service Provider (ISP). There are lots of reasons for your connection slowing down and you need to explore all the possibilities before berating your ISP!
The reasons for slow connection may be due to the way your network or computers are configured or using bandwidth unnecessarily. Here are a couple of examples that we discovered with clients who were experiencing poor connections.

Company number one were struggling with a number of people not able to get access to the internet and decided that it was the ISP – they changed the ISP, but the problems didn’t go away. We came in to find out what was causing the problem and discovered that they had laptops on their wireless network that had been manually configured for a different network and were throwing up errors. When auto configured, wireless signal was enough to connect, but not a strong enough signal to use.
Reconfiguring these machines so they had the correct configuration resulted in everything working efficiently again.
Company number two had internet phones and computers on same broadband connection. This worked fine for a while and the voice signal (phones) always get priority. However, at some point one of machines had acquired a virus, which used up all the bandwidth.
This resulted in dropped phone calls, slow connections and lots of frustration. We turned off the machine with the virus and everything worked again. Having identified the computer with the problem we were able to dig deep and uncover the virus and get rid of it.
Without the virus the computer could be plugged back into the network without hogging the bandwidth.
If you’re suffering from slow connections ask your IT experts to check things out before blaming your ISP.

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