Every business needs to market itself. Business networking isn’t just about trying to persuade the people in the room to buy your products or services; in fact, that usually isn’t a very successful strategy. We’ve found that as people have got to know us and formed relationships with us, it’s often their clients or other connections outside the group who have been recommended to use our services.

People who know us well, know how we work and understand that we don’t just do ‘techie’ stuff. We try to help our clients to develop technical solutions that meet their business goals, so we need to understand their business too – the people who have got to know us at business networking events know that and are confident that we provide more than a technical service.

That’s the kind of marketing that is almost impossible to do any other way, it creates personal introductions that make doing business really easy.

If your business needs to focus on what you’re good at (in our case anything to do with IT) and sales isn’t your thing, then I’d recommend exploring your local business networking groups. It takes time to develop those relationships, but is well worth the investment.