Windows 8 needs a clean

Written by Adam


Despite the fanfare and razzamatazz as Windows8 gears up for launch our first impressions are not great.

Microsoft has leapt on the mobile and tablet wagon and created an operating system geared to social media and mobile devices, leaving day-to-day business users with fewer facilities.  If I was comparing it to Lego – Windows7 is normal Lego, aimed at a wide market; Windows8 is Duplo, chunky, basic and colourful, but not very adaptable.

The IT training companies will probably make a killing as Windows8 is very different and people will need to learn the new ways around to ensure they get the best from it.

We’re not the only ones who think the new system is somewhat clunky; Jakob Nielsen’s review says it all.  Personally, we’re sticking with Windows7 for now and just hope that Windows9 is a lot better than the very frustrating experience we’ve had with Windows8 so far.

As Nielsen says, Microsoft is very good at fixing things, but it seems unfair to use the public as unwitting beta-testers.

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