It doesn’t matter whether you have a big company or a small one, moving offices has costs – as we know having undergone an office move earlier this year.

Most people think about the obvious costs like removal services, downtime as the business is ‘in transit’ and the costs of ‘plumbing in’ the new IT equipment and phones.  One thing is often overlooked – moving your landline number is not always possible and can mean a new number.  This is particularly true if you’re moving from a serviced office, where it may not be possible to take your phone number with you when you move.

The cost of a new phone number is phenomenal as every piece of stationery with the old phone number is now useless and you have to track down every instance of that number and change it.  That means all your online listings, directories, social media, website references, etc – and how do you change every single person’s contacts list, if you don’t know exactly who has your number listed?  That can mean loss of business when they phone to give you business at some point in the future and can’t get hold of you.

Of course, there are alternatives – you can pay for a permanent redirect (although a serviced office may either not allow this, or will expect you to pay a premium to keep ‘their’ number).  A redirect means that every month for as long as you are in business, every incoming call will incur an additional charge from your service provider. It will save you on stationery, but long-term, will cost more, even if it is less disruptive.

So how to you avoid both these expensive solutions?

The easiest solution is to make a single change once only and get a non-geographic or VoIP number that you can take anywhere with you.  If you don’t want to be permanently tied to unnecessary call charges or don’t want to incur costs every time your company upgrades to larger premises to accommodate your growth – talk to us.