Are you a technophobe?

Written by Adam


People who use technology don’t necessarily need to understand how it works – as long as it keeps working, it doesn’t matter.  However, as most people rely on their phones and computers these days, when things go wrong there’s a strong tendency for people to panic.  It’s almost like finding that, when you need to be at a meeting with your best new client ever, your car won’t start!

The frustration levels rise as you realise how much you depend on your technology to deliver what your clients need.  How did we ever survive with typewriters and telephone boxes in a dim and distant past?

Via Wire is the equivalent of your friendly local car mechanic – when things don’t work, you can call and get the help you need without endangering your health and raising your blood pressure unnecessarily!

However, there are lots of smaller things that are simply annoying and/or time wasting that you don’t need a fully fledged ‘mechanic’ for.  You hear of people who will tell you how to drive your car so the fuel goes further, the tyres last longer and the engine needs less attention – that’s what this blog aims to do.

If you visit here regularly you’ll find out lots of tips, good practice, interesting updates on what technology will do, comment on the latest techie news and anything that we think will help you to get more from your technology for less effort (and less stress).

If you have a knotty technical problem that is doing your head in – feel free to ask, if we can help you find a solution we will.  If it takes more than a set of instructions, we know a man who can help!

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