Are you on business broadband?

Written by Adam



In the working world many people can work from almost anywhere, even people in large corporations are able to work from home when needed.

Few households have at least one computer – most have multiple devices attached to their own home WiFi.  So that means working from home, whether you’re running a home business or working remotely for your employer, is accessible to everyone – right?

Well, yes, until you find your broadband isn’t up to the job and slows right down.  Sending big files or saving them to the Cloud gets frustrating if suddenly everything hangs and you have to sit staring at the screen while it gets itself sorted out.

Of course, you could probably upgrade to a better package with faster broadband, but did you know that generally business traffic takes priority over domestic traffic?  That means that if your home is near business premises it could affect your upload and download speed.

Some small businesses ask their current providers to change to a business package and then are astounded at the hike in monthly fees.  That doesn’t mean that business broadband has to cost a fortune – you have to be smart about who you choose and how it’s installed.

  • The first step is to check out what your current provider can offer.
  • Next find out whether your residential area has access to a business broadband service.
  • Then compare rates for business broadband services and what you get for them.

If your employer wants you to work from home then they will probably be happy to pay for your business broadband connection.  If you’re starting or already running a home business don’t just assume you’ve got the best broadband, check it out.

If you’d like to find out if there’s a business service available we can do that for our customers.  Equally we can install a business broadband connection at competitive rates if your area has that facility available.  We’ll give you unbiased advice about the best solution for your situation.  Give us a call on 01268 857261 for more info.

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