When to dial – and when not to!

Written by Adam


There are so many different telephone numbers, besides the ones that start 01 and 02, there are 03, 08 and 09 numbers; it can all be very confusing.  Here’s a rundown of the most common variables!

01 and 02 numbers are related to geographical areas so your location can be traced from your phone number.  At least it used to be possible, but these days there are plenty of ways to have a geographical number for one location and be based in another.  This means you can live in Birmingham, but have a London telephone number.

This is possible by using online technology (not BT!)

03 numbers has been introduced to take over from 0845/0870 numbers (which are non-geographical) and the good thing about 03 numbers is that they must be included in special packages by phone service providers, such as free weekend/evening local call offers, of inclusive land line calls from mobiles.

07 numbers – these are mobile numbers UNLESS they’re …

070 numbers.  These are personal numbers that can be set to forward to a number of the users choice.  However, they may be charged at a much higher rate than mobile calls.

0845 codes were created as non-geographical numbers that would allow people to make calls to anywhere in the country for only a local rate call charge.  These numbers were not included in call packages.  Whilst the receiver of the call covered the difference between actual charge and local charges.  Typically ‘local’ covers your dialling code and any geographically adjacent codes.

0870 numbers were created as a standard non-geographical code that were charged at the standard national call rate.  Unfortunately, call packages didn’t include 0870 numbers so would cost the bill payer much more to ring. The receiver of 0870 calls would also get a payment of a specified amount from their service provider where there was a surplus between the actual call rate and the 0870 rate.  This caused a fair amount of dissatisfaction that resulted in website called ‘Say no to 0870’!

0871 is a premium rate number.  This means that it must have the call cost from a BT landline advertised next to it.

090 numbers are usually premium competition lines, cost must be advertised when it is used and there is also a requirement for statements that the caller should be over 18 and have the bill payers permission.  You’ll find these on all the ‘voting’ systems for TV reality shows.

Today’s telecommunications have made the options much more attractive and much cheaper – but that’s another story!  Watch the blog next month for more info on how to negotiate the telephone call charge system and win.


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