The country life – but poor broadband!

Written by Adam


The Challenge
One of our clients owns an office building in a very rural area.  The building is let out to various small companies as business offices – but the tenant turnover has been high.  Quite apart from the inconvenience, it cost agency fees every time a new tenant had to be found.

The major complaint from the departing tenants was that the broadband simply wasn’t reliable enough to run their business.  The ADSL connection gave them 5mbps download speed and only an unacceptable 0.5mbps upload speed.

The Solution
A leased line was installed – and that immediately gave the building 100 mbps upload AND download speed.  The performance gave the tenants more bandwidth than they could have dreamed of before!

In addition, we set up a network management system so that the service was balanced and there would never be a situation where one user used all the available bandwidth leaving other tenants with no access.

The Results
The tenants are happy as their biggest issue has vanished.

The client is very happy as his high tenant turnover has disappeared – so no more agency fees.

The Feedback

“Thank you for putting the solution to us.  Without it we wouldn’t be able to continue to run our business. Our tenants have never been happier.  Not having to regularly advertise our offices is great and saves us a big lump of cash.”

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