Landline v. internet phone service

Written by Adam


Phone-handsetThere are many misconceptions about internet based phone services – and many service offerings too.  It’s hardly surprising that some people are confused about them.  These are a few of the things we’ve heard people say:

If you have an online telephone system you have to be in front of the screen with a headset on to use it.

Not true.  Online telephony uses the internet to transmit and receive calls, but they arrive via a ‘normal’ telephone.  Of course, you can use a headset if you wish, but there’s no need to be sitting at a computer.

If my broadband is down I won’t get any calls.

Not true.  In the rare situations when your broadband connection is down ALL your numbers are likely to be affected BUT you can have internet-based numbers rerouted to a normal landline or mobile phone until the broadband connection is restored.  Not all services offer this, so check if yours does.  Then if nearby roadworks damage the broadband cable or you have a power outage you won’t miss any calls.

If you have a geographic number (one that identifies your area by the dialling code) you can’t use it online.

Not true.  You can have any number you like online.  The big plus here is that if you move your office location away from that area’s dialling code (or even just across town only to discover the actual number isn’t movable) you can still use the same number online.  This saves a lot of money in reprinting all your stationery and also in forwarding fees from landline providers.

Before you decide that online telephony won’t work for you – talk to a provider about what’s possible; you might be surprised.

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