IT reviews to keep up with business

Written by Adam


Technology-world-2-300x211If your IT is working it’s easy to operate on the ‘don’t fix it if it ain’t broken’ approach!  While it’s reassuring to have an IT support contract to deal with those problems that do occur, that’s usually based on a situation where something isn’t working and is, consequently, holding up workflow.  It just needs fixing so people can get back to doing what needs to be done.

When everything is working as it should IT tends to be ignored – other than as the workhorse that drives the operation.  However, companies don’t stand still, they are constantly changing:

  • New staff
  • New products
  • Added services
  • New systems and processes to improve service

If your company isn’t growing and evolving you’re unlikely to stay in business for long – and yet when was the last time you reviewed your IT set up to see if it delivers the best possible support for your business?

A regular review of your IT systems by a professional can help you to ensure your IT is working at its optimum so all your operating systems are working together smoothly.

It’s not unusual to discover that:

  • New ‘bits’ have been added onto systems and only some users can access certain applications or information.
  • Users have different operating systems running so that some people can’t open documents created by others.
  • Older machines are struggling with memory and have slowed down (that means that the users are working at a much slower rate than they could be).
  • Work taking place in one department is being duplicated in another, because the IT isn’t integrated.
  • People are taking a very long route to getting the outcome they want, because they aren’t aware that there’s a better way of doing things.

These are just a few examples – and if your organisation is growing and developing you’ll almost certainly recognise one or more either currently or in the past.  An annual IT review can ensure that you aren’t wasting valuable resources and time.

Is your IT keeping up with your business?  Ask us about a site survey.

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