As an IT company we know a lot about networking – we connect up our clients’ computers so that they can share information, communicate easily with each other and don’t reinvent the wheel by all operating in isolation. It makes good sense to do this instead of several isolated computers and their users all doing their own thing, wasting lots of time and resulting in frustration.

In business the same applies – when you’re running a small business it’s essential that you connect up your business with other businesses so you can share information, communicate easily and don’t reinvent the wheel. Business networking is a source of support, advice, help and other connections.

If you meet lots of people you get a more rounded view of the business scene than from one or two isolated people. We like to talk to other people who do the same job we do to swap information and, sometimes, help each other out.

Meeting people opens the door to newsletters – which help you to discover useful information, online forums where you can talk to like-minded people (and even potential customers) and seminars where you can learn how to improve your business.

So – that’s our recommendation for 2012 – get out there and network your business to as many others as possible!