If you’re in business you’re probably an expert in your core business. that’s how most small businesses start – the business owner leaves their employer and sets up their own business doing something they really enjoy doing. For us that’s all things technical, but they’re not the only things we’re capable of doing.

We can add up, we can write, we can drive, we know a bit about marketing. So the question is, should we be doing our own accounts, writing our own copy, delivering our post and equipment and running our marketing campaigns? If we did, we probably wouldn’t be able to give our clients the service they expect – we’d always be busy doing something else.

If your core business isn’t accounting, what are your feelings about doing your monthly accounts? Do you put it off – again and again and end up doing it on a Sunday afternoon or late into the night when you’re right up against one of HMRC’s deadlines? How quickly can you actually do your accounts – and are you totally confident they’re accurate and you haven’t missed anything?

A good accountant can probably do your accounts in an hour or two (not the several hours it takes you) and will charge you a lot less than you could earn doing what you enjoy in the time you’re not spending struggling with your figures!

That’s why we have an accountant, use a professional copywriter, use the postal service and couriers and get help with our marketing. That’s also why our clients call us in – they don’t want to spend hours crawling around under desks, trying to understand the code to create a website or trying to make things work when we can fix things in a matter of minutes!

Be an expert – and get help with the things you’re not so good at.