Like clothes, websites can date.  The designs that looked fresh and attractive, even five years ago, now look ‘old-fashioned’.  How does your site measure up to the ‘in style’ test?

Over the years there have been fashions for:

  • Splash pages – now really out of date and not good for search engines or human beings who want their information NOW!
  • A band of one or more visual images right across the top of the screen – now likely to push your core message off the page on smaller notebooks and iPad screens.
  • Round corners on boxes – creating a softer, cosier feel to the site – now replaced by clean white space and a sharper look.

These are just a few – but the key message is that a website is never finished; it needs to be kept up-to-date, not just with current content, but with the whole look and feel of the site.  Failure to do this reflects on your ability to deliver a current service or leading edge product.

If you haven’t given your site a new look for years, plan a programme of regeneration and see the difference in traffic and retention.