Come on slow coach!

Written by Adam


Slow-computerDo you sometimes find your computer has slowed to a crawl – usually when you’re in the biggest hurry to get things done?  It’s not unusual and can be for a whole host of reasons.

If you’re running Windows the operating system gets updated regularly and eventually slows down over a period of time.  This is usually because you’re running a whole host of applications, virus checkers and other miscellaneous bits and pieces as well.  However, slow operating computers aren’t only PCs, Macs sometimes slow down a bit over time.

There are a few things you can do (or we can do for you) to improve your operating speed:

  • I hate to admit it, but upgrading to Windows8 can make a significant difference to the time it takes to boot up.  We’re talking less than a minute as opposed to long enough to go and boil the kettle!
  • Both Windows7 and Windows8 are hungry for memory so adding additional RAM will certainly improve the situation.  It needn’t be expensive; in fact the cost of an extra 4GB will cover the cost in time saved over the next month or two!
  • Consider swapping your hard drive for a solid state hard drive (SSHD) or, if you need lots of storage, a Hybrid drive.  They are much lower in price than they used to be and they don’t use as much juice so, in a laptop, your battery will last a lot longer.  Biggest bonus is a magical improvement in operating speed!
  • If you haven’t checked out your broadband lately you could still be operating on a slow download speed.  Upgrading your broadband connection could make a big difference when you’re working online.  This is particularly important if you are using storage in the Cloud.

If you want to give your computer a new lease of life get it checked out.  If you’re in the South East of the UK just give us a call and we’ll be happy to give your machine a health check.

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