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Written by Adam


Information-highway-1024x307If your business is completely dependent on your broadband connection what happens when it fails?  People sit idle at their desks, clients get upset and business suffers.

‘Ah,’ I hear you say ‘but how often does that happen?’  Fortunately, not often, but it only needs to happen once and you could be in serious trouble.  Whether a storm brings down a power line, someone inconsiderately crashes into the green box that handles all the phone and broadband supplies for your office or floods cause water damage that takes time to dry out and repair – no connection means major problems for your business.

Clients who are totally reliant on their broadband connection can implement a clever solution.

It doesn’t matter who your ISP is or whether you are on ADSL, VDSL or cable this fail-safe system will kick in if your normal system goes down.  All it requires is a new router that will be supplied to allow more sophisticated networking of your communications.

This can utilise two broadband lines, one picking up if the other fails and, if everything goes down, a 3G or 4G dongle will ensure you continue to have internet access.

Of course, 3G’s a bit slower than your usual connection – but it’s much better than no connection at all.  One of our clients had to survive on this for a week whilst the Open Reach team rebuilt the damaged external connections and business continued pretty much as normal.

As long as normal connections are working nothing changes, it just switches in when the main service stops.  This kind of set up should be part of every business’s disaster recovery system.


If you want to find out how this could work for your business just give us a call on 020 7043 6030 for a chat

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