When there are thunderstorms do you save your work more frequently?

Written by Adam


Thunderstorm-213x300If people have been scare-mongering about the recent thunderstorms frying your computer, don’t panic.  Firstly, whilst it is possible for the electricity charge to damage your hardware, it’s about as likely as you causing damage by touching your equipment after building up static electricity whilst whizzing around the office on your chair.

However, when there are storms about people do tend to save their work more frequently – just in case.  This is a good habit to develop so that you don’t lose your carefully worded proposal or painstakingly calculated spreadsheet.

Whilst the MS applications usually manage to produce a temporary saved version, you can’t rely on that happening.  Getting the habit of hitting Save (or CTRL+ S on PCs or CMD+S on Macs) means you have less work to resurrect when things go pear-shaped – and it’s happened to the best of us.

Second attempts are often not as inspired (or accurate) as the first idea you get so don’t risk losing your best stuff.

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