I’m watching you!

Written by Adam


Google-Glass-300x200Google have brought out another gizmo that is likely to have a real impact and has already been the subject of discussion on news programmes and talk shows.  Google Glass is a spec frame that is voice activated and can do lots of ‘cool’ things – record video, take a picture, read information and respond to it, provide you with route maps based on what’s actually in front of you or on map references – and much more.

Effectively you can access the internet with voice commands ‘ok glass – take a picture’ and share on social media immediately – while you’re walking about, driving, playing football, riding a horse – anything!

You can even record the concert you’re at or film you’re watching – so the cynics are already talking about copyright issues.

The head set is like a glasses frame with a small screen in one corner and is almost like having your mobile phone totally hands free and voice activated in miniature.

Google have designed it so it’s not too invasive, so the screen is not like full glasses lenses, just a small square on one side.  Lots of people are scared of it; some are excited and many have signed up to be a Glass Explorer (the beta testing group).

The headset is set to become the next fashion trend as it comes in five colours.  Like all technology it has uses for good and bad; it’s down to the user.to apply common sense.

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