Google Earth launches their virtual reality

Written by Adam


Most of us use Google Earth for all kinds of reasons from checking out a business location we are aiming to visit to researching areas for relocation.  So what will their latest product offer?

In collaboration with HTC they’ve got a Hive headset that allows you to take a virtual reality tour of locations worldwide.  According to independent reports it’s excellent for the world’s high profile locations – like the Pyramids in Egypt, the Colosseum in Rome and Buckingham Palace, but still has some way to go in developing the virtual reality of places that don’t feature in the holiday brochures.

Unlike the ordinary version of Google Earth, the VR version lets you ‘fly’ over locations, and ‘walk’ around things, even ducking down to see under bridges, etc.  If you aspire to be a superhero and experience flight it might give you the next best thing!

Of course, Google Glass didn’t make the big splash that Google expected – trying to watch the ‘screen’ in your specs and also see where you are going is fraught with hazards.  Walking around in virtual reality – even in your office or home where you know your way around – could result in the odd bruised shin and stubbed toes.  The health and safety people are likely to be all over that in no time!

At present the only device available for the VR experience is the HTC Hive – and as HTC produced the latest Google smartphones maybe there’s another acquisition in the offing.  Watch this space.

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