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Written by Adam


YOBSN-logoA new phenomenon is raising its head – YOBSN – Your Own Branded Social Network.  If you haven’t discovered this yet it’s an online business that offers you an opportunity to make money on the very popular online games.

Facebook has jumped onto the public demand for fun games with games like Candy Crush, Farm Heroes, Pet Rescue and more.  YOBSN provide access to similar games using a commission system.

You sign up as a YOBSN member and then everyone who plays games via your portal earns you money.  Although they claim not to be a multi-level marketing organisation, the structure seems to be very similar – with commission being paid to people you’ve introduced every time they play and pay for their upgrades and continued play access.

Whilst the company has products featured in both Apple and Android stores and appears to be mainly focused on games, it also offers chat, ‘chirp’, mail and discussion groups as well as projections to offer a global shopping portal.

Like other social networks the success is going to depend on how well it goes viral.  Unlike Twitter and Facebook when they launched, this is not a completely new concept, but a ‘me too’ option.  They’re trying to encompass all the aspects of other similar networks.  You can Chirp – instead of Tweet; upload images and videos – like Facebook; play games – similar to those available already through Facebook and various Apps.

If you want to find out more about it there’s a reasonably comprehensive video here.  Personally, I’m not yet convinced!

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