Could your business make more money?

Written by Adam


Most business owners have a wealth of knowledge and often find themselves repeating the same message again and again to different clients.  Time costs money, but if you are always selling your time, you’ll never get rich!

If you could deliver your expertise to a much wider audience who are willing to pay, whilst only having to spend that time once, wouldn’t that make a big impact on your profit line?

This isn’t some kind of get rich quick scheme or dubious scam, it’s all about developing your information and then sharing it digitally from your website in a password protected area.  People who are interested in learning from your expertise will be happy to pay a membership fee each month to give them access.

Videos, document downloads, audio files and other useful information may take a little time to prepare, but you only do it once.  If you have 50 people paying £10 a month, that’s an extra £500 a month – and, because it’s accessible online, it extends your reach far beyond your local area nationwide and internationally, so that 50 could be 500 or 5000 – do the maths!

Anyone who delivers workshops or seminars can record them using a combination of screenshare, talking to the camera, diagrams, examples or anything else that can be shared on the screen; it’s a great way to extend your audience.  Whether you’re:

  • A personal trainer who wants to help people with a weekly fitness session, demonstrated on screen
  • Someone who runs regular sessions for groups of people to help them to understand and replicate specific skills – like an IT trainer, or social media consultant
  • A consultant who spends a lot of time with clients going through standard processes
  • A technical industry where explanations of ‘how to’ are important.

… and these are just a few of the possibilities.

Although you may want to give your clients free access to your support information free of charge, it will still save you time (and money) from not having to invest as much time in their management.

Why are we telling you about this?  Because it’s another of the services we offer to clients with a website from us – and if you don’t have a site from us, you can have a bespoke site created for your membership.  It’s a very flexible option with many different ways to use it.

Find out more by giving us a call on 0207 043 6030 and crank up your profits.

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