The technical side of starting a company

Written by Adam


When you’re starting a new company there’s so much to think about – the business structure, the product or service development, finding potential customers and financing the project until it’s making money.

In today’s world the technology that supports your business is equally important – in fact, it’s critical and needs to be factored into your plans.

You need:

  • A telephone line so that people can get hold of you.  A mobile only contact can make you look like a ‘one man band’ – and you may wish to present a more professional image.
  • Broadband so you can get online reliably and stay connected to the world for information when you need it.
  • Email – nobody can survive without it these days and you need professional email addresses to create the right image, so not – but
  • A website – of course your business can survive without a website, but to reassure people, it’s really useful to have somewhere that they can go and check you out.
  • A lifeline when things go wrong – if your technology fails your business will grind to a halt.  Until it happens most companies don’t realise how heavily they depend on their computing power.  What happens when you accidentally delete an important document?  What happens when your computer says ‘No’?

To put all this together costs money – and it’s important that you account for these costs when you’re calculating what you need to set your business up.  Without the right technology you will struggle to function.

If you’re working on a very tight budget, you might find the ViaWire Business StartUp Package a very affordable option.


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