Do technical support helplines give you a headache?

Written by Adam


When your broadband goes down and rebooting hasn’t worked you’re faced with calling ‘technical support’, that can be the beginning of a long, frustrating and sometimes expensive, phone call.  It isn’t what you want to spend all day doing when you have a business to run.

If you have any technology that requires support from remote help desks, you could end up having a bad day as you try to follow their instructions, understand their jargon and generally feel as though you’re trying to follow a ‘recipe’ in a foreign language.

One of the Via Wire USPs is that we try very hard to talk proper English – so you can understand us without needing the code book, however you can also ask us to ‘run interference’ with the various technicians that are on the other end of the phone for technical support of all sorts of hardware and software.

Just recently we were at a client’s and he had bought a satnav that should have had all the latest map updates and safety camera alerts already uploaded – but it didn’t.  Being a decidedly non-technical person, he was stumped!  We simply accessed the updates he needed, downloaded them and installed them for him so he no longer has a satnav that panics when he’s driving along a new stretch of road and keeps shouting ‘navigate back to road’ at him!

We deal with Sage cover on behalf of one of our clients who runs sage to ensure that the updates required keep all his data intact and yet update the system properly.

If you’re purchasing new equipment we can either buy it on your behalf or act as your representative to ensure you get all the equipment, set up with the right software, that you need.

When technology gets complicated having someone who speaks their language on your side can make a big difference to your business.

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