Table-lampI’ve found a clever little App that has all kinds of handy uses.  It’s called IFTTT – short for ‘If this, then that’.  This means that you tell it one criteria and when that happens it will take the action you instruct so:

  • If it’s sunset, then turn on the hall lights.
  • If it’s 10pm, then turn off the TV in the kids room(might be unpopular with then kids!).
  • If I’m tagged on Facebook, then send me a text message.
  • If I check in at [postcode] on Foursquare, then post a status update on LinkedIn.
  • Plus many more that you can dream up.

The App is available via a website or can be programmed from your Smartphone, which enables additional features, and works from anywhere – even when you’re not in the building where the devices you’ve programmed are located.

All the devices you want to instruct need to have a wifi plug (e.g. to operate them – but these are about the same price as a decent timer switch.

If this is just what you were looking for you’ll find it at